SUPERVISION of Mental Health Practitioners

ONLINE Certified Supervision Seminars


  • Dr. Dimitris Stavropoulos, Certified trainer & supervisor S.C.
  • Myrto-Vasiliki Koutra, Certified trainer & supervisor S.C.

Supervision addresses the scientific concerns of colleagues and trainees of the psychosocial field, helping them to review and redefine regular and practical applications.

In approaching the system:
“client – request, therapist/counselor – request – supervisor”
the systemic parameters of the therapist/counselor’s personal difficulty are explored as well as the hidden systemic dynamics that connect the investigated systems, highlighting the unconscious demands of both the therapists/counselors themselves and their clients.

The purpose of each Supervision Seminar is to offer participants an upgrade and modernization of professional knowledge and skills and the theoretical background and methodology of Systemic Representation, cultivating specialized knowledge and skills regarding the dynamics that govern human systems and, thus, broadening the field of choice in terms of techniques and tools used for effective counseling/therapeutic intervention.