The Hellenic Institute

The Hellenic Institute of Systemic Constellations Bert Hellinger® is the official body and representative of the School of Systemic Constellations in Greece and Cyprus.

Its purpose, the provision of credible and reliable systemic training, therapeutic/consulting services to individuals, couples, families and organizations/businesses.
Its goal, the widespread dissemination of School of Systemic Constellations as well as its reliable practitioners in Greece and internationally.

It was founded by Dr. Dimitris Stavropoulos, Systemic Therapist ELESYTH, EFTA and is staffed by certified systemic psychologists,psychotherapists, counselors and business consultants/coaches. Since 2007, it has been directed by Myrto-Vasiliki Koutra, Systemic Mental Health Counselor, HAC, EAC.

Systemic Constellations (SC)

Systemic Constellations (SC) is the most recent addition to the scientific field of Systemic Family Therapy.

It was founded by the famous German psychotherapist & philosopher Bert Hellinger and was introduced and ‘named’ in Greece by Hellinger’s friend and partner since the 70s, Dr. Dimitris Stavropoulos, who subsequently expanded it fundamentally with ‘The Greek Paradigm’.

The Greek Paradigm

In the Greek Paradigm, the systemic phenomenological approach is connected to the archetypes, as they originally appeared, mainly, in Greek mythology. This original representation of archetypal symbolic images and fields brought to the surface hidden ranks of human existence, deciphering an almost impenetrable form, that of familiarity with the deeper powers of the subconscious. The archetypes seem to form a new frontier, where appropriate systemic solutions can bring to light their generalized power as well as their transcultural impact, as a kind of return to the Greek concept of ‘Philosophy as Therapy’.
During the investigation of this work case, the director of the Institute, Myrto-Vasiliki Koutra, highlighted the concept of Representation, as a structural element of the experiential application of the method, developing new systemic tools and techniques for understanding and dealing with the problems of modern man.


He was born in 1942 in Athens. He obtained a PhD in applied sciences and an M.A. in Sociology – Psychology – Philosophy at the University of Munich. He has been working since 1978 in Greece, as a Communication Consultant and Systemic Therapist and is a member of the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) and the Hellenic Society of Systemic Therapy (ELESYTH).

His personal friendship from 1973 with Bert Hellinger made it possible for him to participate in all the developments of Systemic Constellations. He introduced to Greece the method of Systemic Constellations and founded the ‘Hellenic Institute of Systemic Constellations’ Bert
Hellinger (H.I.S.C.).

He is a member of ‘International Systemic Constellation Association’ (ISCA) and a certified trainer & supervisor by the German Society for Systemic Constellations (DGfS). He has participated in many Greek and international scientific conferences with announcements and therapeutic workshops. He has written articles in foreign magazines and authored the book ‘Return – Archetypes and Systemic Constellations’ (Klotho, 2007).

The connection of systemic psychology and psychotherapy with the Archetypes and ancient Greek mythology, tragedy and philosophy already consolidates his innovative therapeutic proposal, the “Greek Paradigm”. At the same time, he has developed ‘Group Resonance’, an approach to conducting Systemic Constellations, which organically heralded Hellinger’s ‘New Family Constellations’.


She was born in 1978 in Athens. She is a scientist in Organizational Behavior / Business Psychology specializing in Group Dynamics with postgraduate studies in Public Health Policy and Administration in the USA. He has served as top executive in hospitals, geriatric care centers, cancer centers, and other primary and secondary care settings in the United States and Greece.
Since 2006 she has been active as a Systemic Business Consultant/Coach, Trainer and Mentor in the field of Health, Education and Business. In 2009 she completed her postgraduate training in Systemic Counseling specializing in Systemic Constellations and since then she has been working with individuals and groups as a Systemic Mental Health Consultant specializing in Systemic Constellations.

Since 2017 she is a certified trainer and supervisor of Systemic Constellations. She is a regular member of ‘International Systemic Constellations Association’ (ISCA) , the Hellenic Association of Counseling (H.A.C.) and the European Association of Counseling (E.A.C.). He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Association of Counseling (H.A.C.) since 2019.

She founded and manages the Institute of Systemic Counseling & Education (I.S.S.E.), under which all training and counseling programs of (H.I.S.C.) are implemented.