Now is the time to invest in yourself and your wellbeing!

Embark on a journey to inner and outer landscapes of the mind,body and spirit. Dive deep intohidden systemic dynamics, acknowledgethe expansive space of your true potential,release your authentic Self and consciously allow yourself to be present in a well-deserved joyful Life!

Accommodatedat a luxurious private sanctuary, nourished by an exclusive approach to holistic health, this retreat is a uniqueopportunity tore-member, re-juvenateand re-connectauthentically with everything there Is, as One!


Myrto Koutra is a certified Systemic Mental Health Counselor and Health & Wellness Coach, specializing in Family, Archetypical & Business Constellations.She bridges Science & Spirituality through herbackground in Organizational Behavior/Psychology, Group Dynamics, Public Health, Systemic Family Therapy, and Systemic Constellations.

Myrto has developed numerous mental health techniques and tools, in an effort to approach&transform human suffering, trauma and illness.Her passion is promoting Holistic Collective Health, under the ancient Greeks’ / Asclepiad perspective of simultaneous renewal and harmony of Body-Mind-Spirit.Her mission is to inspire and accompany people on aconscious journey toachieve a healthy, joyful and self-empowered life, in tuned with collective wisdom.

For over 15 years, she runs the Greek Institute of Systemic Constellations, under which she facilitates workshops, seminars, trainings and retreats.

THE PILLARS (Mind – Body – Spirit)

In a safe, healing environment, following a holistic health approach, we will address simultaneously all pillars of Mind – Body – Spirit, along with the associated Emotion emerging. Without intentionor judgment, we invite and welcome the sincere expression of the psyche, individual and collective.

Nous – Emotional Release

Schema Constellations, Inner Constellations &Gestalting, Guided Meditations, Self-Inquiry Meditations, Mindfulness Exercises, Philosophical Inquiry

Soma – Emotional Release

Yoga, ConsciousBreathwork, Ancient Trails’ hiking, ArtTherapy Exercises, PlayTherapy Exercises, Drama Therapy Exercises,Detoxifying Spa Services

Psyche/Pneuma – Emotional Release

Family Constellations, Archetypical Constellations, Myrthological Constellations, Primal Therapy, Time Therapy, Symposia, Ecopsychology


• Feeling Safe and Finding Meaning in a Healing Environment in harmony with nature
• Experiencing truthful Belonging to a like-minded family/community
• Experiencing authentic exchange, profound experiences and joyful moments
• Sharing Deep Connectivity to Others
• Getting to the roots of any current problems, being free from past restraints
• Resolving past entanglements to make a new future possible
• Feeling deeply rooted and connected with your inner truth
• Heightened self-awareness, intuition and insight
• Awakened self-healing potential
• Feeling rested, inspired and ready to integrate the acquired learnings into daily life
• Feeling appreciative towards Life


The retreat will take place in the island of Syros, known as ‘The Lady of The Cyclades’ for its grace, beauty and energy.
The Villa is located in AgiosStefanos, an area considered very sacred, located inside a magnificent project that offers a beautiful organic farm, private beach, stunning sunset views and endless nature walks.

RETREATING WITH US / what is included

• 5 days/4nights long Accommodation at an exclusive luxury villa with infinity pool (single or double occupancy) and private beach
• Welcome Basketfrom the Organic Farm
• Daily Systemic Constellationsworkshop, yoga and meditation classes
• Individual Detoxifying Spa Service (private massage, hammam, Jacuzzi) -5*Castro Hotel
• Symposium at the day of arrival

Pricing(double occupancy)

980€+VAT24% pp Couples / Institute trainees
1,290€+VAT 24%pp
+ 480€ for single occupancy

Price does NOT include :
• Transportation costs
• Rest of the meals

Cancellation Policy

• The reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price
Remaining balance is due the latest 30 days before the Retreat start date.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before Retreat start date.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-60 days before Retreat start date.